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A Jacksonville multifamily consisting of a locally curated sculpture.

JTB was a collaboration with design in which a very specific sculptural piece was needed. The artwork needed to feel natural to the aesthetic of the project, but at the same time elevate the space through the use of texture, tones and size. The installation area prior to the arts installation was a distraction from the beautiful space that was created. Extremely, tall, white and built out, the bump out was a severe distraction.

Locol immediately jumped in as an art consultant and found a great artist who worked in wood and metal, using texture and natural tones to create large and beautiful pieces that immediately commanded a space. Locol worked with the design team and the artist to select wood tones, colors and textures that blended with the projects finishes. The end result, was a local sculptural work that brought life to a space that once detracted from the overall finish of the lobby.

Project Gallery

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