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Lake House

An Orlando multifamily project, consisting of historical, local and graphic art.

Locol worked in collaboration with design and ownership on Lakehouse to curate a package of art that was exclusively composed of local artists and historical images. Built in a lakeside community, just outside of downtown Orlando, the art package was comprised of historical images that showcased the areas beginnings as Orlando was forming as a city. The historical images were used throughout the building and in specific areas, small and a large gallery walls were set up along with historical asides that explained the imagery.

The local art which filled the walls of the public space areas were a curation of 12 different artists in the area. Each commission focused on maintaining the integrity of the artists work, but drew from the finishes and design pallet of the project. The result being, an art package, comprised entirely of local talent, that fit seamlessly into the design package and elevated the overall finish of the project.

Project Gallery

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