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The Yard

An Orlando multifamily project, consisting of historical, local and graphic art.

The Yard was a collaboration with ownership that quickly expanded into a project which included original art, historical imagery, prints, and branding. With a unique history, the land and development provided a great storyline for creating an art package that fit seamlessly in with the design narrative, community, and history of the area. Starting in the 1900’s, the plot of land under development functioned largely as a pineapple grove, following which it was converted into industrial space which later became developed into what is now the yard.

Locol’s team curated a grouping of artists that were not only local, but 3 of the 9 artists collected at one point occupied the warehousing space which is now a part of the Yard. The body of work took more of an urban/industrial feel, incorporating murals, metal sculptures and paintings to bring the spaces to life. A history wall was created using printed white oak, that showcased historical imagery and descriptions to tell the story of the land used in the development. Locol also helped with the development of wayfinding markers at each elevator lobby to help navigate the 7 elevator bays on property. Most notable on the project though, was a very large custom moss wall with the Yards logo in LED Neon.

Project Gallery

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